Saturday, July 11, 2009

Boom boom satellites

I'm currently listening to Boom boom satellite's album exposed as I write this post (has "Shut up and explode" on it, the Xam'd OP).

It's been about a month since my last post, and I've moved into my new place and gotten an iPhone 3GS. If I ever feel up to it, I'll write up a review of the 3GS, but as for my impression after using it for 3 weeks... it's a really nice smartphone, and having the internet all the time is remarkably handy... but as a phone, dedicated devices are a lot better. For example... you can't answer or end a call using a button, you have to use the screen. The earpiece volume also isn't loud enough if you're in a crowded place, and you pretty much have to charge the phone every day.

Since I'm somewhat paranoid about scratches, I get a Fullbody film for my iPhone along with a Switcheasy Colors case. The film came with a nice matte screen protector and a clear film for the back... which is really difficult to put on. I didn't do a good job and it looks kind of lame, but since it's in the Switcheasy case, I don't mind too much. Speaking of the switcheasy case, it's nice and cheap and covers a lot of the phone, but it picks up a lot of lint from my pockets. I have to clean the case every couple of days!

In my new place, my computer is in my bedroom while my TV setup is in the living room. I use PS3 media server, which works pretty well. For anime, you need to check all the subtitle options under the mencoder options (that is, "ASS/SSA subtitles", "Fontconfig/embedded", and "Use ASS default style"). Some anime doesn't seem to work with mencoder, in which case falling back to avisynth/ffmpeg works pretty well.

In terms of anime, I've finished Natsu no Arashi, which I liked except for the fact that it didn't have any resolution at the end, and K-ON -- no more Mio, so sad.

My new place isn't so close to campus, which means taking the bus which is kind of lame (though made easier to deal with now that I have an iphone), but it also means my internet doesn't suck as much!