Saturday, June 28, 2008

New season of ef announced!

From Kurogane's blog, the second season of ef, ef ~ a tale of melodies was announced! See the PV below. It's a must watch for me.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The end of Kurenai

I just watched the last episode of Kurenai, and right now, I'm a bit disappointed. The animation was nice, I liked the character design, the voice acting, and the basis of the story, but the last episode wasn't too my liking. There wasn't much action, which I was expecting, but the way things turned out was just... it was as if the writers wanted to have some deep philosophical message, but weren't sure how to pull it off.

Despite all that, I still thought it was one of the better series this season, and aside from the last episode, the plot was pretty tight. I think it's worthy of an 8 or 9 out of 10.

Another take on the series from Star Crossed Anime Blog.

Other news: my PS3 still overheats, but despite that, I'm on the last act of MGS4! And I have new calibration settings for my Samsung 46A550.

Monday, June 16, 2008

I got a PS3! But it overheats =(

So yes, I went out and bought the MGS4 bundle last Thursday at Walmart for the $100 gift card offer. While I managed to get the bundle, I was a bit unlucky and got a PS3 that likes to overheat.

I excitedly unpacked the PS3, installed the system update to 2.35, then put in MGS4. I was happily playing away when about 2 hours later, the system beeps, shuts off, and then displays the red blinking light. The manual indicates this means the system is overheating. Originally, I had the PS3 in my entertainment center, which is open in front and in back, but perhaps it was still getting too hot. I moved it outside the entertainment center, stood it vertically, and then played for another hour when the same thing happened.

I'm quite saddened at this point, but when something is overheating, what do you do? Give it more cooling of course. I placed a tower fan directly in front of the PS3 on high, and to my delight, the PS3 stopped overheating!

Called up Sony, they basically said it's got a problem and asked if I wanted to send it in for service. It would have taken 7-10 business days, so I figured I'd try to exchange at Walmart.

Called up the Walmart I bought it from, and the other 3 Walmarts in a 40 mile radius, but none had any in stock or knew when they were getting more in. So at this point, I'm stuck with a PS3 that works only with a fan blowing on it :(.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Samsung 46A550 calibration

I got my i1Display/LT on Friday and spent a good portion of my weekend playing with it and my TV. It's not so easy to calibrate a TV, but I came pretty close. My results are posted over at AVSforum. Why is calibration important? Well, you want to make sure that the colors you see are what the director intended right? It's probably not as critical for anime, because you probably can't tell if the colors are off though =P.