Monday, March 30, 2009

Latest Samsung A550 settings

If anybody has a Samsung LNXXA550, my latest settings are posted at AVSforum. I use an eye-one display/lt colorimeter, though I'd really like to have an eye-one pro spectrophotometer... maybe one day, when I'm rich :).

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Finally... I beat FFX

Only about 4 years after I started Final Fantasy X (FFX), I beat it, in about 37 hours in game time. I started the game over about 3 weeks ago because, well, I have a PS3 now and my save file is probably long gone.

Overall, it was a fun ride, but I wasn't that impressed with the story (possibly because I've seen most of it before.

My next game to tackle is probably going to be Persona 4, which I bought a few weeks ago because it was on sale at Amazon.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Clannad makes me a sad bear

I've been waiting on the 16:9 version of Clannad After story, and I caught up to the latest fansub release today (ep. 20). Normally I don't bother writing about episodes (note how empty the blog has been for the past 3 months!), but there were a couple scenes where that almost made me tear up, I thought it would be worth mentioning... so far, the scene where Nagisa goes bye bye and the scene where Ushio and Tomoya finally get along were the most touching, *sniffles*. Ushio is so cute, it almost (sorta) makes me want (kinda) a kid!

As a comparison, nothing in Kanon made me sad, and only the end scene in Air made me tear up a little... just a little...

Though I did almost cry manly tears in Wall-E, but that doesn't make me a cry baby... does it?