Saturday, March 5, 2011

Update: TheAnimeNetwork streaming service

Sometime last week, the Anime Network updated their streaming client. They've been working on moving a lot of their content over to Hulu, at least for non-registered users, which is actually kind of nice. It frees up more bandwidth for the paying members :).

As for the new streaming client, it seems to work much better. There's a button now within the video player to switch to HD, and it does a good job of buffering. One nice thing, at least compared to crunchyroll, is that the streams have a long timeout on them. On crunchyroll, if you start watching an episode, go away for maybe 30 minutes and come back and try to watch, it won't work -- the stream is dead, and you have to reload the page, seek to the position in the video you were at, and wait for it to buffer. I did the same thing today with TAN, and it resumed playing just fine.

They also put the rest of Hell Girl Season 3 up, so go watch it! (Hell Girl is the main reason I bought a subscription. The 3rd season is streaming free through Hulu.