Thursday, May 1, 2008

ARIA is here, huzzah!

Yes, that niche anime that people either love or find incredibly lame, Aria, has been licensed by RightStuf. Aria, is at its core, a slice of life anime following three girls. It sounds generic, even dull, and I didn't watch it until bloggers like Jeff kept leaping praise upon it. I watched the first season, and wow. Nothing happens, but it's such a mellow anime! It's hard to recommend blindly to people, because you need to be of a certain mindset to appreciate it, but if you like 5cm/second, you'd probably like Aria

On another note, RightStuf is also having a sale on DelRay manga. I bought the volumes of Tsubasa Chronicle I have yet to collect, and it was a perfect time to get Aria for the free shipping.

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