Monday, April 7, 2008

On anime and sound

Oh my, I'm drowning in work so don't expect any updates (not like you did anyway, you one person reading my blog). I did read interesting editorial on why people tend to view anime in a positive light, and I agree with the main point that if you're watching anime for entertainment, you're going to try to get as much enjoyment out of it as possible, which usually means liking what you watch :D.

In other news, I upgraded my sound system to the Onkyo HT-SR800. Ghost Hound sounds awesome, and my subwoofer is quite capable of annoying the neighbors. I was previously using a cheap $30 computer speaker system (4.1), and this system is much, much better. However, I wonder if the money was better spent on a better TV since I think for anime, that perhaps the picture is more important than the sound? Or maybe I'm a more discerning viewer than listener.

If you're still with me, I also finished two additional series this weekend. First was Bamboo Blade, which some people liked, some people didn't like, but everybody wants more of. Next up was Hatenkou Yuugi. The show had its problems: there are some issues of pacing, the crew just warps from one place to the next, and the back story for the characters could be developed better (like, why do the three of them have the ability to use magic?), but the witty banter between the characters saved it for me. I think most people have the view on Hatenkou Yuugi, and again, people want more!

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