Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Playing catchup

Eventually I'll be compelled to post regularly, but I'm lazy!

First -- if anybody else has a Samsung 550 series TV, these are my latest settings. Yes, I'm picky enough to 1) have a colorimeter and 2) do calibrations every once in awhile.

Second -- I've bought and pre-ordered a lot of stuff from Rightstuf recently. Anime: My Hime, Rozen Maiden, Aria the natural. Manga: Aqua, Aria up to 5, Tsubasa 18-20, Fruits Basket up to 21, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei vol. 1. Light novels: Haruhi (hardcover bitches!) and the Crest of the Stars trilogy. I desperately want the Banner of the Stars novels to come out...

Third -- canceled my Blockbuster subscription. Their anime selection sucked (no vol. 1 of shuffle?!) and I couldn't manage to get more than 1 disc a week from them. I'll probably try netflix after the new year

Fourth -- thinking of entering the Interactive Brokers Olympiad. If I'm lucky (or smart) I could win money for ANIME!

Fifth -- currently watching, in no particular order, Hyakko, Toaru, Chaos Head, Akane-iro, Michiko and Hatchin, and Kyou no go no ni. These are all good except for Akane-iro, which is kind of lame but entertaining enough to keep following. I liked Kyou no go no ni better as a comedy at first (the adult faces are hilarious), but it's starting to become a little dull... and Hyakko, well, I didn't like it very much at the beginning, but now it's pretty good. I think it's because they 1) started introducing more characters, and 2) the dynamics between the characters are more interesting. I'll be getting to Clannad after story after the WS versions come out, and I'll be catching up on ef tale of melodies sooner or later, and at some point I'll watch Mouryou no Hako. Casshern Sins is on my list to watch also, and maybe Skip Beat too.

I borrowed Ouran from a friend, and that is quite the amusing anime. It was so good I plowed through the first 13 episodes in 2 nights. The premise sounds cliched, but the over-the-top randomness and Haruhi just make me come back for more.

That's pretty much it for updates. If you're looking for anime, RightStuf is running a bunch of specials for Christmas. It's also a pretty good time to buy a large LCD TV for anime!

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