Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Where have I been?

Where have I been? Last week, I was at a conference (SPIE Medical Imaging); I came back late Friday night. I was jetlagged on Saturday, and doing homework most of Sunday, Monday, and today.

The Town&Country hotel in San Diego has horrible internet; the wireless slowed to a crawl after the conference. Perhaps this is to be expected since all of the conference attendees use the Internet, but come on! I ended up using the Internet very sparingly.

So anime I've watched this week that were awesome: True Tears 8 and Shigofumi 7. I share the majority of bloggers' opinions that Shiniichi is getting with Noe for the wrong reasons, and the revelation and ending of Shigofumi 7 were awesome.

In other news, the Vocaloid rankings are still going, even though I haven't been updating them. The 20th ranking is way past; you can look for it on YouTube if you so desire. Apparently they've started doing daily rankings, but I'm not hardcore enough for that. But there is someone who is! In fact, you should catch it there, it has a nice listing of the songs on the list.

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