Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tsukihime: vampires, oh my!

I spent my weekend and the better part of my evenings this week playing (do you really "play" a visual novel?) Tsukihime. The English patch has been out for quite a while now (over a year), so I'm not sure why I didn't play it sooner, but it's probably because I watched the anime first and wasn't too inspired to play the game. That was quite a mistake, the game is pretty awesome. Like most anime adaptations, the anime didn't do justice to the visual novel. There is a lot more depth to the characters, and their actions make a lot more sense. I've completed the Arcueid and Ciel routes and liked them both, possibly because I'm a poor, lonely guy or because the writing is just awesome :P. In any case, if you can *ahem* get your hands on a copy, I'd suggest going through it. Arcueid's route took me about 5 hours, and Ciel's route took me about 4 (even with skipping scenes I've seen before). There is a good walkthrough if you're too lazy to play the game, but you really should!

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