Friday, March 28, 2008

Week in review

Like many blogs, content is not being updated very often (and when it is, it's kind of lame). This is what happens when you have Rock Band and anime to watch :P.

New this week: March madness ended at Derailed by Darry, with Haruhi winning the title. There was a new weekly vocaloid ranking with a new number 1 song, Soar, by Hatsune Miku. True Tears 12 aired, and was pretty epic according to many people. Spice and Wolf ended this week as well, which was also epic. News is also traveling that there is more Clannad to come.

I'm also shopping for a new LCD TV, and I think the Toshiba 42XV540 is perfect for me, if only I made enough money to afford it :P. According to the AVSforum post, it has a 10-bit LCD, wide color gamut backlight, and a good implementation of 120 Hz.

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