Saturday, March 22, 2008

Rock Band is a time sink

My evenings this past week have been spent either doing homework, or playing Rock Band at my friend's house. Rock Band has this strange ability to make time disappear -- I'll start playing, then BAM next time I look at the clock it's two hours later. I really, really want to get my own PS3 now so that I can play Rock Band in my own apartment instead of lugging all the equipment to my friends' houses.

I would really like some way to have community-made songs; my dream is to have God Knows from Haruhi in Rock Band.

On an unrelated note, DTXmania is not quite the drum game I thought it was going to be. It's pretty complicated (like it has 6 different drums!) and the songs on the easiest level are still pretty darn hard! Also, playing any of these music games on the computer is kind of a pain, as you have to worry about lag (my awesome computer lags every now and then in Frets on Fire).

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